Jungle After School Program

Are you looking for something to keep your child engaged and entertained after school? Look no further. The Jungle Movement Academy offers a Ninja Warrior After School Program for kids to enjoy!


The Jungle Movement Academy.

2701 Gattis School Rd. C-100, Round Rock, Tx 78664


The Jungle Movement Academy offers a shuttle service from your school to our training facility. Jungle instructors will be at your school when the last bell rings, and the shuttle picks the kids up and transports them to The Jungle.

They will participate in the Ninja Warrior After School Class until 6pm. Pickup time is 6pm or earlier.

What does the Ninja Warrior After School Class do?

  1. Warm-up the body with joint rotations, dynamic stretches, and pule raisers.
  2. Practice skills pertaining to the Curriculum (see page 8)
  3. Perform Obstacle Courses
  4. Snack Time and Rest
  5. Play a game (such as Ninja Tag, Watchtower, Dodgeball, etc.)
  6. Cooldown with static stretching and breathing exercises.

Our coaches train kids in a progressive manner based on their fitness level. Every skill we perform and most obstacles we attempt have an easy, medium, and difficult option to try. Coaches help guide the children to train safely based on their skill level.

What Schools do we pick-up from?

We’re working hard to cater to as many schools as possible. Contact the front desk to get The Jungle to come to one of the following schools:

  • Forest Creek Elementary
  • Blackland Prairie Elementary
  • Gattis School Elementary
  • Ridgeview Middle School
  • Dearing Elementary

If your school is not listed, let the owners know by emailing it@junglemovement.com.null

Please fill out the form below to register for our After School Program at The Jungle. You may put multiple children on one form.

Please continue reading after the payment section below. The parent handbook is pasted on this page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the Jungle After School Program option.

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Look at what the Jungle After School Program gives you access to:

Shuttle Service and After School Classes

The Jungle instructors shuttle kids from schools to The Jungle Movement Academy. We offer text notifications to parents for shuttle arrival at The Jungle.

Kids participate in the Ninja Warrior After School Class taught by one or more coaches. The Ninja Warrior After School Class goes from 3:30pm through 6pm.

Jungle Full Day Camp

Full Day Camp is included with the Jungle After School Program, and we always have camp during scheduled school breaks and on parent/teacher workdays. Camp is from 8am – 5pm. That’s a $350/week value that is INCLUDED with the Jungle After School Program!

Summer Camp is not included. Winter Camp is included, but the days we are open will vary.

Platinum Membership at The Jungle

Platinum Membership is our highest level of membership, a $200/month value that is included with the Jungle After School Program. Platinum Membership give you the following perks:

  • Unlimited Class Credits for all classes at The Jungle.
  • Unlimited Open Gym during open gym hours.
  • 5 Friend Passes per month (for classes and open gyms only)
  • FREE access to all Parent Night Out events (2 per month)
  • FREE access to all Jungle Workshops (such as the Backflip Workshop)
  • 1 FREE T-Shirt and 1 FREE Headband

FREE access to Parent Night Out (PNO) events

Twice a month during the school year, The Jungle hosts PNO on Saturday nights from 6pm-9pm. Kids play fun games like Nerf Wars and Dodgeball, we order pizza for the kids, and we’ll put on a movie for the kids to watch. PNO’s are usually $40 per person; however, we are including these with the Jungle After School Program for FREE.

FREE access to Jungle Workshops

The Jungle hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year such as the Backflip Workshop, Aerial Workshops, Acro Workshops, and more. Workshops are essentially specialized training sessions for specific skills. They range from $40 – $100 per participant. However, they are FREE for After School Program members.

Snack time

Around 5pm, kids are given a break and can choose a snack with choice of nuts, fruit snacks, protein bars, or rice crackers.

What’s the Price?

The value of the After School Program is $816/month with everything included. We reduced the cost and bundled it all in one cheap package:

$550 per month with everything included. There is a registration fee of $60.

Discounts are available:

  • Multiple Kid Discount – 10% for 2 kids; or 15% for 3 or more kids.
  • Day Exclusion Discount – Minus $25 per day that after school care is unneeded.

Talk to our Front Desk for more information on pricing.

*The Jungle Movement Academy is not a licensed day care facility and is not regulated by the state.

*The Jungle Movement Academy performs criminal background checks using information obtained from the Department of Public Safety for all Drivers and Jungle After School Program Staff on a yearly basis.

Rules and Policies

We have 3 easy rules for the kids to follow:

  1. Be respectful.
    1. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
    1. Listen to coaches when they are talking.
    1. Be kind.
    1. Keep your hands to yourself.
  2. Be Responsible.
    1. Keep track of your belongings.
    1. Tell a coach about issues that arise.
    1. Be where you need to be.
  3. Be safe.
    1. Do not try skills that you are not ready for.
    1. Progress skills properly.
    1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    1. Look up, down, and all around before running.

3-Strike system

Strikes at The Jungle are not used lightly. Strikes are given to an individual when they have repeated offenses and display a pattern of bad behavior. We can handle most problems, however, when it comes to the safety of that person or others involved, matters get taken way more seriously.

  1. Strike 1 – Sit out for 15 minutes while parents are called and informed of the situation.
  2. Strike 2 – Parents are called, and child sits out until pickup.
  3. Strike 3 – Expelled from the program for the remainder of the semester.

We do everything within our power to not use strikes. They are a last resort when everything that we have done has proven ineffective.

Jungle After School Program Pick-up:

Parents, when you arrive to pick your child up from the After School Program, you must check in with the front desk and provide your photo ID. Kids are not allowed to walk out without a parent. After you check out at the front desk, you may enter the gym to pick up your kid(s).

Liability Release Forms:

A child may face physical risk while participating in the Jungle After School Program. Below is a Release of Assumption of Risk Form that must be signed for all patrons who walk through our gym doors, including children and spectators. Please follow this link to fill out our waiver online: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/6074a07dcd441/web/

Other Gym Rules and Recommendations:

  • No socks in the gym. Shoes or barefoot only.
  • Bring closed toed athletic shoes (rubber bottom preferred, not foam bottom) even if you do not plan on using them. Your coach may ask you to put them on.
  • Bring a water bottle. We have a refill station.
  • Wear athletic clothing. Stretchy, breathable material is best.
  • No shoes on trampolines unless they are approved by a tramp coach.
  • One person at a time on the Supertramp.
  • Ask a coach before moving equipment around, a coach might be using it.
  • No lingering in the lobby.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Do not run through other coach’s classes.

Payments, Pauses, and Cancellations:

  • Payments are billed on the 1st of every month throughout the semester. If you join in the middle of the month, you will be prorated for that month.
  • You automatically receive a Platinum membership upon sign up for the After School Program. Ask our Front Desk for more information on how that works.
  • If you need to pause your membership, let us know the dates you need it to be paused, and we will get you taken care of. You do not get access to the program, membership, or camp while you are on pause.
  • If you need to cancel, we require a 15 day notice before your next billing cycle. If you give us notice within 15 days of your next billing cycle, then you WILL be charged for that next month and we will cancel your membership the following month. If you give us notice beyond 15 days of your next billing cycle, then you WILL NOT be charged for the next month and your membership will be canceled.