Backflip Workshop and Advanced Backflip Workshop

Backflips are awesome… but scary. Fear not! The Jungle crew is here to save the day, again. In this workshop, you will be learning and performing all of the progressions and exercises that will lead you on your path to successfully landing a backflip. With all of the mats, pads, and foam pit at our disposal, and with our professional coaches to walk you through it and spot you, the chances of landing on your head have significantly decreased! (We’re not going to let that happen, so don’t worry.)

Already have your standing backflip? Want to do more with your backflip? The advanced backflip workshop will take your flippin skillz to a whole new level. Learn skills like the wallflip, flyaway, J-step, cheat gainer, and more!

Saturday September 19th, 12pm – 2pm, Advanced 2:30pm – 4:30pm



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