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COVID – 19 Protocol

Open gym just got better!

New Gym Rules:

  1.  If you are sick, beginning to feel sick, or have any consistent coughing and sneezing (even if you know it’s just allegies), PLEASE STAY HOME. We may ask people to leave if we notice clear signs of any sickness.
  2.  Please wear a facemask to the gym. We do not recommend wearing a facemask during exercises with increased heart rate, or while using apparatuses. However, we ask that you wear a facemask through the lobby and at the cubbies, or anytime that you may be talking to people not while exercising.
  3.  Social distance the best you can. We understand that the Jungle is a wild place and you may inevitably get close to people, however, we ask that you maintain distance from people the best to your ability.
  4. Wash your hands frequently. We recommend that you wash your hands every 30 minutes, or directly after using shared equipment. Students will be asked to wash their hands every water break during class.
  5. There will be a cap of 6 students in each class, and a max of 6 classes happening at one time.
  6.  We are operating at 50% capacity. This means that open gym and classes have a max number of participants. Book ahead of time, even for open gym, so that you don’t get left out.
  7. Open gym will be occuring in sessions, and everybody must vacate at the end of each session for mandatory cleaning. More info on that below.
  8.  Due to strict capacity regulation, no spectators will be allowed while at capacity. The exception to this rule is if your kid is 6 years old or younger. When the gym begins to reach 50% capacity, spectators will be asked to wait in their car or lobby/birthday party room areas. There will be limited seating in our lobby and birthday party room. We will write your name, kid’s name, class attending, phone number, and car type/color, if you are asked to leave the gym due to capacity limits.
  9.  For the safety of yourself and others, we greatly appreciate your ability to ADAPT to these new rules. We know that times are crazy and everybody has to LEARN new systems and procedures. But if we come together and MOVE as one (at a distance), then everything will go smoothly and we’ll come out of this thing on top! Thank you for your cooperation. Ninjas will attack those who don’t 🙂

The Jungle community is still going strong!


Your Jungle Movement staff will be working hard to provide you with informational and interactive content through this crisis. Please support them by donating and participating through our various social media channels. Click the link above to donate.

We greatly appreciate the support of our members. Everyone please stay safe and healthy! Move, Learn, Adapt!