Open Gym Events

Open Gym Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 10am-4pm (All Ages), and 7pm-10pm (Adults only)
  • Friday: 10am-7pm (All Ages), and 7pm-10pm (Adults only)
  • Saturday: 1pm-8pm (All Ages)

Join the exciting fun at The Jungle. We’re always looking for ways to spice things up and keep the atmosphere fun and engaging. The best part is, open gym events are at no extra cost! If you’re a member, it’s free 🙂 For non-members, it’s normal open gym price, $20.

ZIPLINE DAY – Kids get to sail across The Jungle on the infamous zipline from one side of the gym to the other! Kids must pass a 1-minute dead hang test before they can use the zipline. If they are too small to comfortably reach the seat, they can not ride. Coaches put mats down and spot the take-off and landing. Become a Jungle bird and FLY through The Jungle! 

DODGEBALL DAY – Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! This one speaks for itself. Kids play many different variations of dodgeball with the coaches. You do not have to participate, but be aware of flying balls!

FORT FRIDAY – Every Friday is Fort Friday! Use all of the equipment in The Jungle to build an epic fort. This one requires teamwork, cooperation, and listening skills! We all work together to create our fortress, and then when we’re done, we get to destroy what we have created!

FLOOR IS LAVA – Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Get from one side of the floor to the other without falling in the lava. Tip over obstacles to create bridges, use props to help you grab things, acquire and protect the dragon egg that’s hidden on the course, and communicate with your team to escape the lava pits unscathed.

NINJA GAMES DAY – Put your ninja skills to the test with epic ninja games. Catching foam tipped arrows that are shot at you and defeating the evil ninjas with foam sabers are just a few of the fun challenges that you’ll get yourself into!

NERF WAR NINJA BATTLES – Coaches are guiding the Jungle into chaotic fun turning the entire gym into a Nerf warzone of soft bullet madness! If you have nerf guns and ammo, bring them. If not, we have some for you to use (cleaned and sanitized properly). Forts will be built, and then conquered!

TARZAN DAY – Swing through the Jungle like never before. Ropes, rings, bars, trapeze, and more. See if you can make it through the entire jungle without touching the ground! Swing your way to victory… and better grip strength!

SUPERHERO DAY – Dress up as your favorite superhero and come to The Jungle for open gym and classes! During open gym, we will be playing superhero games, where they must defeat the villain. Don’t be consumed by evil and protect the jungle from emanant doom!

BUBBLE BALL DAY – Get in a giant blow up ball and feel the unstoppable force of the bubble power! Push other bubble balls out of the ring to be the last one standing. Then, tumble down the giant ramp inside a bubble ball! All balls are cleaned between each user.

ANGRY BIRDS – Real life angry birds in The Jungle. No, we do not launch kids from a catapult (although that would be awesome). Build giant structures made out of foam blocks and padded equipment, then knock them down using dodgeballs, yoga balls, and medicine balls!

ANIME DAY – Dress up as your favorite anime/cartoon character and come to The Jungle for open gym and classes! Lots of imagination used on this day. We play fun and creative games that engage kids in unique ways dressed as their character.

CAPTURE THE FLAG DAY – You have one mission. Obtain the opponent’s flag by any means necessary… and appropriately 🙂 Infiltrate the enemy’s fortress, steal their flag, and bring it back without being caught. Good luck!

JEDI/SITH DAY – Daa Daaaaa da da da DAAAAA da… (are you imagining the star wars theme song?) The Sith are attacking The Jungle! AGGHHHHH! Protect our home base from the evil forces of the dark side. Defend the galaxy from imminent doom.