Flying Pole Workshop

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The Jungle Movement Academy is hosting FLYING POLE Workshops

Saturday, October 5th
10am – 11:30am – Flying Pole 101
12pm – 1:30pm – Flying Pole TnT [Tricks & Transitions]

10-11:30am Flying Pole 101
This workshop is for adults 16+ and designed for all skill levels! Yes, absolute beginners are Welcome!!! We will break down the basic physics of Flying Pole, with special emphasis on proper technique and form. Off the flying pole, we will cover instruction on how to properly engage the body for flight and review a variety of basic exercises to help your body build the strength needed to climb and maneuver oneself. On the flying pole, we will cover basic and fundamental moves such as pole sits, climbs, and transitions, as well as gain an understanding on how to generate & manipulate momentum. Max students for workshop = 10.

11:30-1:00pm Flying Pole TnT [Tricks & Transitions]
This workshop is for adults and designed for Intermediate movers. Flying pole brings new vitality and innovation into pole fitness and aerial arts. It’s a dangerous yet thrilling sport. Variations will be provided. Must be able to climb, invert oneself, and tolerate just a bit of pain, aka “pole kisses”. Come train your fly pole Tricks & Transitions and find your flare with our certified pole instructor Cecy Q! Max students for workshop = 10.

All workshops include a targeted dynamic warmup and cool down.
Attire: Leggings/fitted pants and optional long sleeve top recommended.

$25 per workshop for Members
$30 per workshop for Non-members

Hope to see you there, it’s going to be Wild!


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