Ninja Team

About the Ninja Team

Join the elites and train harder than ever before! The Ninja Team at The Jungle is composed of the top rank athletes at our gym. Training is tougher than any normal class at The Jungle, however, it’s also the most fun and engaging class for all ages.

During our 2 hour training session, coaches progress and refine weaknesses that hold you back and push your limits to achieve new skills. We also play fun ninja games that help enhance reaction timing and in-the-moment decision making.

Being a part of the Ninja Team is an unforgettable experience at The Jungle.

How do I join?

Try-outs are hosted multiple times per season. You must sign up for the FREE tryouts and put your skills to the test. The tryouts are in a competition style format, with a certain number of obstacles that you must complete in a certain amount of time. When are the next tryouts?

Saturday, February 12th from 12pm-3pm

Sign up below…

What does the Ninja Team do?

The Jungle prepares athletes to compete in local and national ninja warrior competitions. The Jungle also helps individuals who want to try out for the TV show, American Ninja Warrior. There are several ninja leagues in our area that we compete with:

Competing at other local gyms is a great community building experience. Coming together with other like-minded ninjas and debuting your skills while feeding off the energy of your peers gives you a true perspective on the greater ninja community. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, and the atmosphere of these events are always uplifting. Plus, there’s sometimes a chance to win a cash prize!

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